Here is how I come up with your personalized cartoon!

how2draw blank Sketching
This is where I pencil different ideas and work out any details that the customer wants. It's important to me that the drawing includes anything that makes this cartoon original. I don't use special filters to distort the drawing. There isn't a template to follow like other artist use. I just keep going until it feels right. It's all original.

how2ink blank Inking
This is an old tradition. Like the comic books, you go over your final sketch with black ink. You add textures, shading and any other lines that bring out the details. This approach gives the drawing that old school feel. Something that I really like.

how2color blank Colorizing
The inked drawing is scanned into the computer. Then using my trusty software and digital pen I carefully color it. The digital pen reacts like a traditional pen. It takes alot of layers of color to finish a cartoon. Sometimes it could take over a 100 layers of different colors and highlights. Then text and other elements are added to finish it.


So there you have it!
Now I can put your finished cartoon on a print to hang in your family room or garage...or maybe you want it on a t-shirt letting everyone know who owns that cool car as you walk around town. In fact, I have outfitted the entire family with shirts so it looks like you have a hugh fan club when they are at a hot rod event.

Requesting a Cartoon

Send me a picture and the vehicle or situation. Yep, I do need a picture of the person to be monsterized...afterall...
we've probIably never met before and it would be difficult to draw a picture of someone I don't know. However, if you don't have a picture of the vehicle or situation...just tell me what it might be and I will take it from there.

Then email everything to

Make sure you include your contact information so I can get back to you.

Here is an example of a request.

Orginial Photo
Finished Cartoon
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