The Arlomobile is a 1941 Ford. I call it "Unfinished Business" . It will never be done. It's been chopped and shaved. The front two grills are gone, leaving only the center grill.

Mustang II front
Chevy rear
400 trans
BB 454 HO (425 hp)
Satin Black
Salt Flat caps
Louved hood for the unique thing about this car!

It has 3D graphics inside and out. The outer medallons include a rear window that has teeth and a tongue. Side emblems have an Arlo logo on it. And the best for last! The dash is a sculpted green monster that hold the gauges with it's big teeth. The glove box is a giant mouth that opens up.

I am currently sculpting the door panels and the roof.

So...keeping looking out for the Arlomobile.